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  1. Life Coaching
    Leadership and Life Coaching
    The core of what we do is leadership and life coaching. At Primary Purpose our coaching often begins in one of four main areas: leveraged leadership, parenting on purpose, work-life balance, and relational and spiritual wholeness. However, we coach the whole person and can start from right where you find yourself. Contact us for a free, no obligation discovery call to see if coaching will work for you. 502.233.2458.
  2. Tim Snell
    Public Speaking
    Are you looking for an experienced speaker and motivator to come in to challenge and inspire your team? Call today at 502.233.2458. Tim Snell has over 25 years of public speaking experience and will customize his talk to address the needs and goals of your organization. Your people will leave excited, encouraged and motivated!
  3. leadership consulting
    Leadership Consulting
    Is your organization, church or business needing someone to come in and help you get unstuck? Do you need someone to help you visionize, develop new strategies, and overcome roadblocks to success? Tim will bring his years of experience in leadership and organizational development to help you and your organization take that next big step. Call today at 502.233.2458 for a free consultation.
  4. spiritual healing
    Relational and Spiritual Wholeness
    Do you find yourself facing hurdles you can't overcome in your relationships professionally and personally? Are you looking to develop the spiritual and relational side of your life as a leader, friend or spouse? As both a professional coach and a pastor, Tim brings a Biblical and Christian perspective as he comes alongside of you, helping you learn to rely on God and listen to His voice as He shapes you by His Spirit. Call today. 502.233.2458.