Primary Purpose Coaching and Consulting
Primary Purpose Coaching
Dynamic Organizations
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Lasting Impact
  1. Life Coaching
    Organizational Culture Assessments
    Many organizations aren't achieving the results they desire because of an unhealthy business culture that saps the energy from their team. Using an in-depth assessment tool measuring nine critical areas of organizational health, Tim will provide you and your leaders with an unbiased look into your business culture and will help you develop strategies to transform your organization and your bottom line.
  2. 360 Leadership Assessments
    It is often our blind spots that rob us as leaders of our true potential and hinders our teams from working together effectively. Using the top 360 Leadership Assessment available, utilized by over half of Fortune 100 companies, Tim will provide leaders the clarity they need to lead at a higher level and maximize both their personal and their profit potential. The 360 Leadership Assessment often serves as a springboard in our leadership coaching sessions.
  3. leadership consulting
    PREP Employee Profile Assessments
    Would you like help seamlessly integrating a new hire into the team during onboarding? What if your team could communicate more effectively and work more harmoniously? Using the workplace focused PREP assessment, Tim can help you address these issues through insights into core personality, communication styles, problem solving approaches and more. An excellent tool for team building and helping team members work together more effectively.
  4. spiritual healing
    Business Leadership Coaching
    Are you stuck as a leader? Would you like to maximize your potential and the potential of your company? What about more life satisfaction? Leadership coaching is a customizable goal-focused solution to help leaders overcome hurdles and accelerate to the next level. In coaching, you will co-create the agenda and determine the goals. As your coach, Tim will bring his expertise to bear to help you gain clarity and develop action plans leading to greater success.
  5. Team Building and Group Coaching
    Team Building and Group Coaching
    Is your team needing a shot in the arm? Are there personal dynamics that are sabotaging the effectiveness of your team? Using applicable assessments and applying fundamental coaching principles, Tim will lead your team into a process of learning, dialogue, self-awareness, and goal-setting - all custom designed to help your team gel and work together more effectively.
  6. Business Growth Network
    Business Growth Network
    Leverage the power of networking to get referrals and grow your business! Tim is just now putting together this Christ-centered group of business professionals. This group will utilize a proven referral program to help them significantly increase their annual business revenue while also growing as dynamic Christian leaders in the marketplace. We will be meeting twice a month and the group is limited to one chair per industry. Space is limited!
  7. Parent Coaching
    Parent Coaching
    Raising great kids today is hard. In fact, it takes as much work to be a successful parent as it does to be a successful business or ministry leader. With Tim's background as a coach and pastor, as well as having helped raise three fantastic kids, he will help you develop proactive strategies to address problems you are currently facing as well as to head off future challenges before they arise.
  8. Motivational Speaking
    Motivational Speaking
    Are you looking for an experienced speaker and motivator to come in to challenge and inspire your team? Tim has over 30 years of public speaking experience and will customize his talk to address the needs and goals of your organization. Your people will leave excited, encouraged and motivated!
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